What Blockchains Does Earnifi Support?

Earnifi searches you for airdrops and other assets like NFTs across many chains. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

• Ethereum - View Block Explorer

• Polygon - An Ethereum Side-Chain - View Block Explorer

• Optimism - The Ethereum Layer-2 - View Block Explorer

• Arbitrum - aka arbitrum-1 the Ethereum Layer-2 - View Block Explorer

• ImmutableX

• Binance Smart Chain - View Block Explorer

• Avalanche - View Block Explorer

• Gnosis chain (XDai) - View Block Explorer

• Cosmos - beta partial support - Each Cosmos chain needs to be checked separately: cosmos, osmosis, etc.

Why are Solana, Flow, etc. not included?

Earnifi does not know of valuable airdrops on any of these chains. If valuable airdrops arrive on these chains, Earnifi would consider supporting them. If you know of any airdrops Earnifi misses, consider messaging support and let us know. With the Earnifi bounty program, you can get Earnifi Premium for free if you are the first person to inform us of a new valuable airdrop.

What is considered a "valuable airdrop"?

If an airdrop is on Ethereum mainnet, the average USD worth per address should be larger than $20 USD.

If an airdrop is not on Ethereum mainnet, it will be reviewed manually and determined.

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