What is a POAP Token

A POAP is an NFT that is free to claim.

There are hundreds of POAPs, which each have a list of eligible addresses. Earnifi searched across all the Delivery POAPs at once. This is always free for everyone, it does require a Premium membership.

I claimed my POAP, where is it now?

POAP tokens are free to claim because they exist on XDai, a side-chain of Ethereum mainnet. The easiest way to view your POAP token is to open the Scan page like this. Replace the address at the end with your address: app.poap.xyz/scan/earnifi.eth

How much is my POAP worth?

Most POAP tokens exist to remember events. They are not expensive NFT's, and thus usually do not have a resale value. It is usually not a good financial decision to move your POAP to mainnet and try to sell it on OpenSea.

What Can I do with my POAP?

You should always claim your POAP tokens because there are raffles that require owning POAPs. Earnifi checks you for raffles for free. You do not need Premium to enable this feature. Here is what a POAP raffle looks like if you are eligible:

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